Get Over A Month Of Low-
Carb Recipes Specifically
Created For South Africans


"...and automatically lose up to 5kgs in your first month, even if you're new and have never followed a diet before..."

Discover how to cook delicious meals that are loaded with the right amount of nutrition.

Choose from many tasty, easy to prepare recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We've even got amazing, guilt-free desserts!

Weight Loss Testimonials

Yes this is working for me , I was 127.9 kg and now i am 116.8kg
Thank you sooo much!
Hendri, 45, Johannesburg

I’ve lost 4 kg (in 2 weeks) and I’m so excited. I walked pass chocolates and cakes during the weekend and guess what… I didn’t want it. That is amazing!

Jean, 33, Bloemfontein

I am feeling so much better. My energy levels are up.
I am feeling more comfortable in my clothing.
I look at food differently now.
I enjoy my meals.
Thank you very much.

Jenny, 50, Cape Town

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Foods Like Pizza Don't Have To Be Taken Off The Menu If The Right Ingredients Are Used...

Have You Been Searching For Recipes That Are Both Delicious And Help You Lose Weight?

When we undertook the challenge of creating a weight loss focused recipe book for everyday South Africans looking for easy to cook, inexpensive yet highly nutritious meals, we knew we had quite a challenge ahead of us.

We asked over ten-thousand real South Africans what they were looking for in a practical, everyday recipe book.

The result is a collection of tested, easy to prepare and easy to cook meals that cater for our wonderfully unique South African palette.

If you're ready to enjoy eating tasty, weight-loss focused food, the recipes contained within the Low Carb Companion Cookbook will fill your tummy (but not your dress size) quickly and easily!

Some Of Your Questions Answered
Q: Are the recipes in the Low Carb Companion Cookbook more expensive than other recipes? 

A: All of our recipes focus on two key elements; easy to cook and as cheap as possible. Our recipes are the best bang-for-buck out there.

Q: Will I struggle to find ingredients for any recipes? 

A: We've really made an effort for this not to be the case. Some recipes might require gluten and wheat-free options, all of which are found at your local grocery store. Trust us, we've checked to make sure for you!

Q: How much weight will I lose and how fast will i lose it?

A: We'd love to be able to give you an exact amount of weight you're guaranteed to lose while eating our recipes. The truth is, we simply can't. We can tell you that should you follow our recipes routinely and adopt eating more meals made according to our simple formula (revealed inside the recipe book), there is no reason you won't lose weight within as short as one week.

Q: How do I order my copy of The Low Carb Companion Cookbook?

A: All you've got to do is click and follow the instructions in the email you will receive when you request your free recipes below. The Low Carb Companion Cookbook is an ebook and is delivered to your email address immediately after purchase.

All Recipes Are:

  • Family-friendly
  • Easy to prepare and cook
  • Designed to help you lose weight automatically

If you have been searching for an easy to follow recipe book that caters for your South African tastes and helps you lose weight, you're in the right place.

Every recipe in the Low-Carb Companion Cookbook has been carefully crafted to help you lose weight quickly, safely and easily while still enjoying each and every meal.

We spent a lot of time making sure that no matter which recipe you choose to cook, you, your friends and your family will enjoy every bite!

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